EMURGO, the official commercial and venture arm of Cardano — the first third-generation blockchain to evolve out of a scientific philosophy, successfully launched its first community event at its new Tokyo office on June 10th, 2019! Despite the heavy rain in town, there were more than 100 guests that attended our meetup! Below is a recap of the event, as well as the pictures taken throughout the night.

At EMURGO, our mission is to drive the adoption of Cardano and bring value to ADA holders by building, investing in, and advising projects or organizations that adopt Cardano’s decentralized blockchain ecosystem. EMURGO leverages its deep expertise in blockchain R&D as well as its global network of related blockchain and industry partners to support ventures globally.

Our team was excited to bring together four of our advisory clients: YOOSourcing, COINCOME, HEROBIT and ARA Pay for the meetup. We also had a special guest appearance and talk given by Cardano ADA co-founder & IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson, entitled “How Cardano Will Integrate Real World Public Blockchain Adoption.”

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Let us take a closer look at some amazing pictures from the meetup below:

Starting with an EMURGO introduction given by Ken Kodama, CEO of EMURGO. Kodama-san welcomed our guests and talked briefly about new Cardano updates, EMURGO’s vision and future plans.

EMURGO’s introduction was followed by speeches by each of the four advisory companies. First, YOOSourcing speech by Milad Nouri, CEO of Sourcing Technologies Holdings.

YOOSourcing is a decentralized sourcing solution backed by EMURGO, that will bring trust and transparency to the industry through smart contracts. To find out more about YOOSourcing, you can read our blog here.

・YOOSourcing Homepage: https://yoosourcing.com/
・YOOSourcing Twitter: @yoosourcing

Next, COINCOME speech by Yoshihiro Kanemitsu, CEO of Makers Farm & Kazuto Higashimoto, CFO of Makers Farm.

COINCOME is building a revolutionary cashback system for businesses and e-commerce shoppers through which businesses can leverage COINCOME’s blockchain-based tracking system, increasing efficiency in the purchasing process. COINCOME has already partnered with over 600 world-famous brands and shops and launched a live beta marketplace. To find out more about COINCOME, read our blog here.

・COINCOME Homepage: https://cimcome.io/
・COINCOME Twitter: @cimcome
・COINCOME Telegram: cimcome

Then, HEROBIT speech by Kim Hak-min, CEO of Amuse Bank.

HEROBIT is a blockchain-based hands-on sports video game service implementing smart contracts and will offer a decentralized ecosystem for trading digital goods. Already affiliated with successful offline businesses Legend Baseball and Legend HEROES in Japan, please read our blog here to find out more about HEROBIT.

・Legend Baseball Homepage: https://legend-bb.com/
・Legend Baseball Twitter: @lbbjapan
・HEROBIT: http://herobit.io/

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The first half of the event wrapped up with ARA Pay’s speech by Alex Kang, CEO of ARA Pay.

ARA Pay is a leading Korea-based blockchain & fintech company bridging traditional fiat payments and digital assets. To read more about ARA Pay, read our blog here.

・ARA Pay Homepage: https://arapay.io/

The second half of the event kicked off with a special talk by Charles Hoskinson, co-founder of Cardano & CEO of IOHK and a Q&A section afterwards with the attendees. This talk was recorded and you can watch it on our EMURGO YouTube channel.

Check out his talk below:

The event concluded with a LUCKY DRAW for those in attendance! Charles picked 13 lucky winners for the amazing prizes that EMURGO prepared for the community! The prizes included Anniversary ADA medallions, EMURGO-branded T-shirts and tote bags, as well as a few signed posters by Charles Hoskinson himself!

Afterwards, there was a lot of networking with refreshments served. Our EMURGO team was really grateful and proud to see everybody that came to our office to meet Charles and our team, and share their thoughts with us! We sincerely hope that everyone had a great time learning about the showcased projects and new Cardano updates. This is the first event that we organized at our new Tokyo office, and there will be more meetups coming up in the future! Please stay tuned by following our Twitter, and sign up to the EMURGO Newsletter to always receive the latest event news from EMURGO!

[ Disclaimer: EMURGO’s investments in or advisory activities to a client does not mean that this should be relied upon by the public as advice or recommendation to decide what trades to make. Investing in cryptocurrencies and blockchain companies involves high risk. All trading strategies and decisions are borne by our readers and clients at their own risk. EMURGO is not responsible for any outcome or decisions incurred as a result of information provided here or from any EMURGO related materials. ]

EMURGO drives the adoption of Cardano and adds value to ADA holders by building, investing in, and advising projects or organizations that adopt Cardano’s decentralized blockchain ecosystem. EMURGO leverages its expertise in blockchain R&D as well as its global network of related blockchain and industry partners to support ventures globally.

EMURGO is the official commercial and venture arm of the Cardano project, headquartered in Singapore, with a presence in Japan, the USA, India, and Indonesia. EMURGO works closely with IOHK and The Cardano Foundation to grow Cardano’s ecosystem globally, and promote its adoption. Learn more about the project at https://emurgo.io

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