As the official commercial arm of Cardano - the first third-generation blockchain to evolve out of a research-first driven approach, EMURGO is devoted to building a strong team to drive the adoption of Cardano and add value to ADA holders with products such as our highly acclaimed Yoroi wallet and Seiza Blockchain Explorer. To create a truly international and decentralized workforce working to meet the needs of our global community and build a global Cardano, EMURGO has talented staff from all over the world - Japan, France, the US, India, Hong Kong, Korea, Russia, Ukraine, and more.

Recently, we have welcomed summer university interns from Texas joining our Tokyo-based global team to help drive the adoption of Cardano for two months. EMURGO is dedicated to helping the youthful pillars of our society to learn new skill sets and more about the growing blockchain industry by giving them an overall great work experience and a behind-the-scenes look at working at the official commercial arm of Cardano - the most exciting project in our industry. In part one of this newly launched series entitled “EMURGO Internship Experience,” Jeffrey, our Global Marketing Intern, will give you a closer look at what it is like to work at EMURGO.

“EMURGO Internship Experience”

EMURGO Interns (left to right) - Jeffrey and Shawn


Greetings! My name is Jeffrey Sun and I am currently a Global Marketing Intern at EMURGO. I am a second-year student from the University of Texas at Austin pursuing a Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) in Marketing and a minor in Management Information Systems. Prior to starting my internship at EMURGO, I did not have an in-depth knowledge of cryptocurrency and blockchain, although both topics intrigued me greatly. Blockchain has become the subject of a few popular case studies at my university, so it has been an amazing opportunity to be able to see these developments first hand at an established name-brand company such as EMURGO which is working hard to drive adoption of Cardano - the first third-generation blockchain to evolve out of a scientific philosophy.

Before I came to Tokyo all the way from Texas, I began doing my research. I read up on the politics, papers, and press releases that shrouded the pioneering movement of blockchain and cryptocurrency which led me to Cardano. It was an exciting new field and the articles I had read only served to fuel my curiosity about blockchain and Cardano.

First month in EMURGO

Through an odd mixture of fear and excitement, I packed my bags and took the flight to Tokyo to start my internship. I was greeted by the oddly cohesive but chaotic landscape of urban Japan. Towering skyscrapers displaying ads that illuminated the night resided alongside beautiful shrines while the bustle of life streamed along the streets below. Everything was new and my fresh eyes enjoyed every sight. This exciting mystery led to my first day.

I approached my first day at EMURGO with a bit of anxiety. It was my first time working for a company as an intern. However, the warm faces that greeted me and the three other interns helped shed much of the initial anxiety away. We were each assigned to a supervisor, with mine being Venus - the Global Marketing Manager. I began learning the ins and outs of the company, developing my own 8-week deliverables for my time here, and getting to know the other employees.

I absolutely love the new EMURGO office. The workspace is laid out to foster open communication, functioning as the engine of the company, to help spur creative ideas. The other side of this office would be the spacious and cohesive events space. It falls in theme with the EMURGO brand, as lights don an EMURGO-branded navy blue wall with speckled gradients of yellow to red everywhere. Even the vending machine is decorated and EMURGO-branded! Along with that, private meeting rooms line a wall, each with a blockchain & Cardano ADA theme depicted in glass art. Additionally, there is a refreshment room with a Nintendo Switch, bean bags, and a few gym machines overlooking the awesome view below.

Staff Office
The four meeting rooms

My Achievements

As a member of the Global Marketing team, my role is to assist in organizing campaigns and developing marketing strategies. Last week, our team had successfully launched the first community event at our Tokyo office. Through the pouring rain, we welcomed 100+ guests to hear a speech by Charles Hoskinson and the new advisory projects. Many amazing supporters came to interact with each other and learn about the progress that EMURGO has been making. There’s a tuned-in community behind this movement with members (like you reading this!) that fuel the day to day improvements towards EMURGO and the Cardano ecosystem.

I helped with logistics management throughout the event, smoothing out reception services and the networking event while taking photos along the way. You can access these pictures below!

Photo Gallery: EMURGO Showcase & Charles Meetup (June 10, 2019)

Meanwhile, I work with Venus on EMURGO blog articles and our subscriber newsletter. You may have noticed that EMURGO has published more than 70 helpful blog articles in the first half of 2019 alone. The Global Marketing team is generating an increasing amount of useful content every week detailing our progress on both the technological and marketing fronts. All of the previous articles are also uploaded to GitHub as PDF files so that you can easily download and read the articles at your own leisure. Moreover, I recently improved the design layout for the EMURGO newsletter to make it more engaging and enhance the user experience. I am impressed by the Global Marketing team’s passion and energy to move forward. We have a clear marketing goal, which is to build a global and stronger Cardano community through systems development, education & academy, investment & acceleration, and general advisory services! Please feel free to let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions.

Teammates at EMURGO

There are several teams at EMURGO - Advisory, Marketing, Tech, and HR/General Affairs. Many teammates are from Japan, and many others are from different parts of the world which reflects the diverse and global nature of the Cardano ecosystem. The people here are passionate about driving the adoption of Cardano. There is a personal attachment to each person’s task that creates an intrinsic motivation to do and be better.

EMURGO works with the ferocity of a big company while keeping the creativity and adaptability of a startup. The office brims with energy as a “work hard, play hard” attitude creates an environment with open communication, jokes, and support.

Growth is a constant mindset and it is definitely translated into the work that EMURGO helps their interns improve upon. All of the employees here have been inclusive, helpful and welcoming during the past few weeks. From small acts of kindness like taking us out to lunch to professional advice, each EMURGO team member here is fully invested in the progress and health of one another. It is fun and challenging, so you can’t ask for a better combination than that!

Personal Tips I’ve Discovered Thus Far About Working in Tokyo, Japan

・Learn the basic greetings in Japanese! It’s a great way to break the ice with anyone you meet in Japan. When you meet anyone new, say “Yoro-shiku o-nega-ishi-masu.” As well, say “o-tsu-ka-re” when you finish work and leave. Politeness is very important in Japanese culture. It’ll also help you get around!

・Japanese people are punctual. Make sure to give yourself ample time to get to work while taking account of train lines, walking time, accidents, or any other unforeseen situations.

・Trains here are crowded! Peak hours are 07:00 - 09:00 in the morning and 17:00 - 19:00 in the evening. Make sure to squeeze yourself in well and keep your balance as it’s an experience in and of itself.

・Explore your local area for lunch! I haven’t had a bad meal yet and the food here is absolutely delectable. Even the stores are amazing with great cheap lunches and with a variety of options. Take your time to explore, you might find a hidden gem.

・If you come here in the summer, make sure to buy a good umbrella. The rainy season begins from June to mid-July and makes the outdoors quite humid. It would be fairly uncomfortable to show up to work soaking wet.


I am having a wonderful and productive time at EMURGO - the official commercial arm of Cardano. I am looking forward to seeing what the next four weeks will have in store while sharing my primary experience with the global Cardano community. In future posts, EMURGO will take a closer look at what the specific teams do, post more interviews with the four interns, and share what I have learned while working at EMURGO as a student intern. If you are interested in pursuing similar experiences and are committed to driving the adoption of Cardano for businesses and organizations, please reach out to us on social media or email us.

Team EMURGO is growing bigger!


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EMURGO is the official commercial and venture arm of the Cardano project, headquartered in Singapore, with a presence in Japan, the USA, India, and Indonesia. EMURGO works closely with IOHK and The Cardano Foundation to grow Cardano’s ecosystem globally, and promote its adoption. Learn more about the project at

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