Official Cardano partner and commercial arm EMURGO Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO Ken Kodama) has introduced payments using the Cardano ADA cryptocurrency at the charcoal grill BBQ restaurant “Tamura”, whose owner is the popular Japanese comedian Kenji Tamura. The launch event was held in Osaka on June 22nd. Keep reading for the full event report!

With the kind support of Kenji Tamura and the top crypto influencer “Shishin”--both longtime supporters of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and ADA in particular--EMURGO was able to bring about this launch event introducing ADA payments at the restaurant using EMURGO’s own Yoroi Wallet.

Note: Since its release in 2018, Yoroi Wallet from EMURGO has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from users, with ratings at or near 5 stars on the Chrome Web Store, App Store, and Google Play.

A Twitter prize campaign held at the same gathered 4,000 retweets and 3,500 new followers for the Emurgo twitter account, with people entering for gifts such as a sirloin steak from Tamura, EMURGO products, a Yoroi Ledger Nano, and other prizes.  For information about the prize winners, please see our twitter account at

Although it was held in the city of Osaka, about 500 km from the capital of Tokyo, a total of 63 cryptocurrency and Cardano ADA fans as well as members of the media gathered for the event, including some who traveled from Tokyo and Fukushima. The participants were also joined by Gari Gari Galixon, another popular comedian with an interest in cryptocurrencies.  

You can see the photos and video we gathered from the day at the following link.

Following the opening announcements from EMURGO’s PR manager Mickey, EMURGO CEO Ken Kodama proposed a toast and Kenji Tamura gave a greeting to those gathered.

“As part of my hopes to offer support (to the development of the blockchain industry), I am making this the first place in Japan where customers can get Yakiniku BBQ and pay with ADA.”

After this there was a dialogue session between EMURGO CEO Kodama and crypto influencer Shishin, during which Shishin commented as follows.

“I felt I could expect good things from EMURGO and the Cardano project when I saw that people from major industry leaders were joining, like EMURGO VP Yoshida from Marubeni, PR manager Mickey Mitsumoto from NTT, an Engineer from Microsoft, and so on.”

Paper-rock-scissors contest

The event concluded with a Cardano ADA payment ceremony using the Yoroi wallet, held in front of the participants and media present. Mr. Yamamoto, a Cardano fan from among the participants at the event, became Japan’s first person to pay for Yakiniku BBQ in Japan using ADA.

Mr. Tamura also commented with appreciation on how quickly the ADA payments were settled, saying it was much faster than expected.

Participants at the event had the chance to take part in a photo session with Mr. Tamura and Galigali Galixon, and all were treated to a thought-provoking evening where comments such comments were heard as, “I’m thankful for this valuable chance to meet Kenji Tamura”, “This was a meaningful opportunity for me to meet with guests and friends and talk about cryptocurrencies and blockchain”, “We in Japan need to support the domestic blockchain industry so we are not left behind like during the IT bubble”, and so on.

As the business arm of the Cardano project--the only top-ten cryptocurrency project rooted in Japan--EMURGO will continue to bring real-world use cases into effect to support the Cardano blockchain and ADA cryptocurrency, as well as to support the blockchain industry in Japan and make sure Japan is not left behind on the technological front.


“I feel that the issue for cryptocurrency and blockchain is the dearth of real-world applications. As a talented entertainer and businessman, by recognizing the future for Cardano ADA and introducing ADA payments in his restaurant “Tamura”, with Cardano ADA representing the only cryptocurrency in the top ten by market cap that has its roots in Japan, Mr. Tamura has made a significant contribution not only to the Cardano project but to the blockchain industry as a whole, and for that I am very thankful.”

Comedian, entertainer, and owner of the “Tamura” BBQ restaurant Kenji Tamura

“Even though cryptocurrency and blockchain is a technology that will build the next generation, Japan has lost momentum in this area since last year’s hacking incidents and is now falling behind the rest of the world. It’s sad to see Japan being left behind in an area that will be part of the future, so I hope that I can help energize the industry in some way, and I chose to introduce the ADA cryptocurrency from the Cardano project given its technical reliability with development passing through peer review from academics in cryptography.”

Cryptocurrency Influencer Shishin

“No matter how useful it may be, if no one accepts it in the real world it’s just an idea, something abstract. But now that the very famous comedian Kenji Tamura is accepting ADA payments in his restaurant “Tamura”, I feel that we are seeing real-world value in ADA. I think this kind of movement can be seen an important attempt from the perspective of the cryptocurrency space.”

About Charcoal-grill BBQ Tamura

Charcoal-grilled Yakiniku Tamura is a Japanese BBQ meat restaurant operated by comedian and entertainer Kenji Tamura. As owner, Mr. Tamura tastes all of the products himself and offers only the best products to the customer, with the goal of providing an excellent product at a reasonable price. With cheerful staff and pleasant service, Tamura prides itself as a BBQ restaurant that will make all customers happy.

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